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For years yacht owners, builders and crew have been searching and asking for a product adequate to protect the body of the boat from seagull residue. Next to this residue can be unhygienic and extremely harmful to humans it is also unsightly and aggressive to the yacht's paint and gel coat.

The Sh!tstrip is a perfectly Dutch designed, manufactured and tested plastic strip with blue plastic pins suitable to be easily mounted on top of the yacht's railing by straps. The Sh!tstrip is virtually invisible, flexible, super strong, easy to install and requires no maintenance. By releasing the straps from the railing the Sh!tstrip can be stored on board in its bag.

Sh!tstrip is the ideal solution to avoid seagull or any other bird residue on your yacht, create a safe environment on board and have less maintenance and damage to the boat.
Sh!tstrip global patents are pending.

Designed and produced in the Netherlands. Sh!tstrip global patents are pending. © Sh!tstrip 2013